Tips for Sellers


First impressions are lasting.  The front door greets the the prospective buyers.  Keep you door clean and fresh. Keep your lawn trim.


Let the sun shine in.  Open shades and blinds.  Buyers like to see natural sunlight shining into rooms.  Cheery rooms are more appealing.


Light it up!  Turn on all the lights.  Illuminating the rooms makes your home feel warm and inviting.


Make those repairs now.  Be proactive in repairing things you know need to be fixed.  Take care of  leaky faucets & broken hinges.  Buyers notice minor flaws and think it decreases the value.


Touch up for a quicker sale.  Clean, fresh and clutter free.  Shampoo carpets & apply a fresh coat of paint. A small investment of a $$ and elbow grease will result in a higher price and quicker sale. 


Start Packing!  Your going to have to anyway.  Take the personal things off the walls and shelves.  Buyers like to see a clean slate so they can imagine their own things in their new home.


Organize your closet.  Cleaning out the closets will make them look larger.  Everyone wants to see ample room in the closets.


Arrange bedrooms neatly.  Make your bed everyday.  Put your laundry and shoes away.  Keep it neat and tidy like a hotel room.


Bathrooms are important!  Keep them clean, sparkling and smelling fresh.  Re-caulk around the tub and shower if they are looking discolored.


Have the agents do the talking.  Buyers like to feel free to explore your home without you hearing their comments.  Give them the freedom to do so by stepping outside for a moment while they take a look around.  Their agent will let you know if they have a question for you.


Keep pets out of the picture.  We love our pets but it doesn't mean others do.  So for everyone's protection please keep pets in a safe place during showings.


A word to the wise!  Please let your Realtor discuss price and terms with the potential buyers.  Trust their experience and negotiating skills.


Only let agents show your home.  Do not let buyers off the street without an agent and an appointment come into your home.  It's not safe bet.

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